5 Tips For Getting Your Home Ready To Sell

Selling your home can be an intimidating and daunting task. Especially when you don’t really know where to start. Here is a list of 5 tips for selling your home that will help you whether you are planning to sell tomorrow or next year.

1 – Don’t go at it alone, hire a Realtor

The first thing I’m going to recommend that you do, and maybe I’m a bit biased here, is to speak with a realtor. You don’t have to sign anything, or make any commitments but the knowledge, advice, and support that an agent is going to provide to you is crucial to your success; they are going to be able to come in with local market data and give you a list of instructions that are specific to getting your house sold, quickly and for the most money.

2- Declutter Your Home

My second recommendation is that you declutter your home. Moving is a great time to purge so have a garage sale, get rid of the stuff that you don’t need anymore. Your house is going to show best if it looks lived in but not too lived in, so keep some furniture and the pretty things and store the rest of it away.

3 – Get those projects you’ve been waiting on done!

My third recommendation to you is that you do is finish any outstanding projects that you have going on around the house. So, if it’s a DIY, go ahead and get it done. If it’s something that you need to hire out, talk to your real estate agent. You agent is going to be able to provide you with the referrals you might need to get the right person for the job at the right price.

4 – Leave nothing to chance, get an inspection

The next thing I’m going to recommend that you do is a pre-listing inspection. As you may know once you’re under contract with a buyer they’re going to conduct their own home inspection and what you don’t want to happen is for that report to come back full of surprises. Things that you didn’t know were wrong with your house that you now must deal with and they are going to be expensive. Not everybody wants to spend the money up front on a pre-listing inspection, for an average size home it’s roughly $400 but it is money well spent because it can save you the trouble, headache and money down the road. Getting those repairs done prior to listing your home is much easier and much more economical than doing it once you’re under contract.

5 – Do a good old-fashioned deep cleaning and address the curb appeal

The last tip that I have for you is the most basic and that is, clean your house. A good old-fashioned deep clean is necessary before you list your home. That’s everything from washing the walls, baseboards and windows to cleaning your vents and ceiling fans to having your carpets professionally cleaned. It’s amazing how buyers react to a home that has overlooked some of these simple cleaning tips. It could turn them completely off and getting them back in the door means a price reduction.

You will also need to address the curb appeal on the exterior of your home. Start by pulling weeds and removing leaves, cut the grass and trim the trees away from the house, trim the bushes. You might need to do some painting on the outside as well, that includes doors and trim. Add some color! Flowers are always a nice touch and if it’s in the winter decorate for the holidays.

There you have it! From a local trusted realtor, five tips on getting the process started to sell your home for top dollar. If you need any help or need any advice, please contact me.

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