Exclusive KW Programs

Cash offer opportunity that provides you with the simplicity of selling your home on your timeline, without showings, contingencies, and coordination of repairs. Receive an all cash offer within 72 hours and close anywhere between 15 and 90 days later! https://kelleroffers.com/agent/a684c

The Ready to Sell program allows you to prepare your home for the market while avoiding up-front costs and hassle. The purpose of this program is to renovate the property with cosmetic updates and upgrades with the goal of increasing the home’s marketability. Through Ready to Sell, funds are secured through a personal loan, and services are repaid through the proceeds of the home sale. All of our Ready to Sell and Ready to Stay projects function through our network of approved, vetted vendors. Our thorough vetting process helps to ensure general contractors have provided business documents, insurance, references, and required licenses.

We also have a Ready to Stay program for any homeowner who needs a renovation solution! This program functions through the same network of vetted vendors. Choose from multiple financing options and get Ready to Stay!

Working with a Keller Williams agent allows you to qualify for the unparalleled advantage of the Zero Plus loan by Keller Mortgage, exclusive to KW transactions. Zero lender fees. $1000 credit at closing. Plus a discounted rate!

A fast, free service that helps homebuyers and homeowners shop for insurance, compare quotes and choose the insurance that’s best for their situation.