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New Year, New Construction

The New Year always brings about new activity in the real estate market. Those who are ready to get a jump on things and beat the springtime rush tend to reach out in early January and can therefore take advantage of certain conditions, such as fewer overlapping showings and infrequent

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3 Things We Love About Carmel For Teenagers

My parents moved us from Ft. Worth, TX to Carmel, IN in 1990 when I was 14 years old. Making a huge transition like that during one of the most daunting stages of life is terrifying. I said goodbye to the friends I had known all through elementary and middle

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Finding the Perfect Fit: How a Letter to Homeowners Led to an Off-Market Gem

I originally met with these clients in the spring of 2022 to discuss the idea of selling their family home, which they had owned for 30 years. I patiently supported them as they struggled to let go for over a year before finally deciding it was time to downsize this spring. When they were ready, we looked at about half a dozen homes but couldn’t seem to find the right fit.

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