Finding the Perfect Fit: How a Letter to Homeowners Led to an Off-Market Gem

I originally met with these clients in the spring of 2022 to discuss the idea of selling their family home, which they had owned for 30 years. I patiently supported them as they struggled to let go for over a year before finally deciding it was time to downsize this spring. When they were ready, we looked at about half a dozen homes but couldn’t seem to find the right fit. They knew what they wanted in their forever home and had a few favorite neighborhoods, so I suggested we send letters to homeowners in those targeted areas, in hopes of finding something off-market. And it worked! In response to my letter, their agent called, and we arranged a showing. It was THE ONE! We made an offer and the seller happily accepted, as they were busy planning their next move to a local retirement village.

While this was all taking place, we were simultaneously selling my clients’ current home. I truly believe karma was at play here, as they had also agreed to sell off-market to a buyer who was struggling to find THE ONE. Their agent is a colleague of mine at KW, and we worked together to arrange the showing. This house was an ideal fit for that buyer, who was thrilled to secure something in her favorite neighborhood!

A Superfecta is what we call that! WIN-WIN-WIN-WIN!

This is such a good example of how important creativity and collaboration are in this business. Thanks to Jonathan Erickson and Tina Uhland for your cooperation and hard work. I know you care for your clients as much as I do. Helping people achieve their goals and witnessing the joy & peace a new home brings to their lives is the ultimate reward. Congrats to all!

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